About Jinn

The Artist Lital Dorchin creates JINN: hand-painted unique art-T shirt.

Accessible and Pret`-a-porter original piece of Art * Frightening and Funny *

Expressions of subconscious and beauty * Internal and external worlds

ALL in one colorful individual JINN art-T shirt.

JINN (genie) is a demon (Arabic), supernatural entity which can be either good or evil and was made of fire without smoke.

The JINN on a T shirt receives its own place, light and air where it transforms from a haunting demon into a protective demon.

Introducing a new visual language, inspired by African masks, Graffiti, street culture as well as traditional embroidery, Lital Dorchin paints these alluring hand-made JINNs enabling its unique original artistic expression along with a cool simplicity of a T shirt.

Photographed byYouval hai

Lital Dorchin (Born 1976) graduated from Haifa University (M.F.A) but was always attracted to worlds of practical art and creative use; such as masks or dance for inner wellbeing; as well as the linkage to fashion; and the ability to wear "protective" art – all appealed to her and that led to creating the JINN T shirts projects.  In addition to painting, Dorchin is also dealing with "therapeutic dance" contents (???) inspired by North-African demons exorcism rituals.